AjjuBhai Uid Number – 451012596 (Free Fire Profile)

Welcome Back Again to the official website of Ajjubhai, Guys in this article I am writing about Ajjubhai free Fire uid and profile Details, which is an updated profile because all details are taken from the official free fire max recently so read the full article. I guarantee you will get all the details about Ajjubhai uid after reading this article.

FF Profile detailsGame Details
Ajjubhai uid451012596
profile NameAjjubhai94
Total Like38236

How to add friend requests to ajjubahi?

Everyone knows Total Gaming’s name as Ajjubhai. but total gaming real name is Ajay, and one more thing he has 32 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. if you went to play free fire max with Ajjubhai, search the above UID number on your game and send the friend request using your real account. when (Ajjubhai) total gaming accepts your friend request then you have able to play Free Fire max with total gaming (Ajjubhai)

Let me tell you one more thing about Ajjubhai’s Free Fire Account. he has a minimum of 5 free fire uid for grandmaster rank pushing, and he rich 4-time grandmaster position on Br rank with the real account. and he rich 3 times master positions on Cs rank season.

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