Twoyi App Download Latest Update- New Virtual Machine For android

Twoyi app is a Fully customizable virtual machine that can enable root permission without rooting your smartphone. Twoyi can be installed as a regular application for Linux operating system using virtual machine technology. basically, this application is an emulator environment, and its advantages to cloning apps with one click. In addition, Twoyi is not handled by the host system.

TWOYI, TWOYI virtual machine

you can Build your own ROM from GitHub source code and add any feature!

TypeVirtual Machine
RequiresAndroid 5.1
Size200 MB
Q: Why does the Twoy app have needed access to storage, contact, audio, and device information,?

A: Twoyi virtual machine requires these permissions to better simulate real-world telephone scenarios.

Q: Is the Twoyi app safe for your device?

Real operating systems and Twoyi applications are two separate systems. Data from both systems will not interfere with each other.

Does the Twoyi application root your phone?

it works as an Emulator device that creates another system complete with fully customizable, and provides root or other features on VM technology,