Free Fire Advance Server Registration Officially Get Activation Code

Free Fire advance server will release after the completed registration process. you can register for the latest updated activation code of the Garena free fire max beta version.

basically, ff advanced server provides expansive experiences of upcoming in-game changes and event update and also provide lots of free diamond or vault collection at a very cheap price but some player can’t able to access this server because Garena does not provide new updated activation code not apply for it.

What is the new Update on 0B36 patches?

On the newly updated patches, all players get to see a new rank season or a new gold royal bundle whose design is matched with the season fourteen elite pass bundle or a New look & feel! UI complete revamp.

How to get the activation code of FF OB36 Advance server

To get an activation code you have to need to apply for it on the official website which link is given below. i am registered many times for codes with different google or Facebook account, so I have gotten lots of activation codes, if you went by that code then you can fill given form with your working email or phone number once you have filled up the form our website admin will set to you latest code for free.

VersionOB 36
registration DateUpdate soon
Server opening time9/1
Server close time9/8

after completing the registration process wait for some days you will receive an activation code in your email.

some important settings you need to apply on your browser are because Garena developer does not provide the latest working code who register multiple times with multiple Gmail accounts or Facebook

first clear your browser data and open a different Google account that is not used for registering yet on the website. After completing, this step open your browser settings and click on language and add the Indonesian language also drag on language into the top positions.

what is a free fire advance server activation code

basically activation code is a unique code that uses for an activated Garena free fire advance server. to get this code you have to need to apply for It on Garena’s official website. You can use this code on one device or one time.