Carryminati first video on youtube

Carryminati first video on youtube

Hi, Guys Welcome to our website Ajjubhai, in this article discusses some topics about Carryminati’s first video on his youtube channel and his First youtube Payment.

When CarryMinity first created a YouTube channel, the channel was named AddictedA1 and when it garnered 50k subscribers, changed its channel name to CarryDeol

All Indian Youtube Users Know CarryMinati. Because he was the No.1 most subscriber Gain Youtuber.

CarryMinati’s First Video was uploaded on 28 Jun 2015 (Video Titel: COD GHOST RANT in Hindi) Total of 3,358,366 views including all times,

CarryMiniti Joined Youtube on 30 Oct 2014 And he Uploaded 178 Videos that Got 2,941,032,723 views on the Main Youtube channel According to today.

Real NameAjay Nagar
Barth Date12 June 1999
Net Worth$3.8 million

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Currently, youtube has a lot of rosters but it was not there before, and many people still don’t know youtube’s first roster angle. for kind information let me tell you that carryMiniti was the first roster on youtube.

Let us tell you one more important thing that CarryMiniti made a video on the TikTok controversy, from there it got a lot of support and also got a lot of subscribers from the audience.