Ajju bhai Fire Fire Bundle Name And Best Combination

In this article, I am writing about Ajjubhai’s Free Fire bundle which bundle Ajjubhai (Total Gaming) uses, Some Free Fire Gamer knows his bundle but Some Gamer don’t know Ajjibhai bundle name, so read this full article and you will get all information on this article,

Ajjubhai’s dress combination looks very dangerous because he Uses Full Leather Bundle in free fire, if you went that bundle which is Ajjubhai used then you can’t buy it because this bundle is not available yet on Garena free fire store, this bundle is the most rare item on Garena free fire

Ajjubhai Bundle nameFull Leather
Come EventMagic Cube
ajjubhai bundle

Ajjubhai (Total Gaming) Full Leather Bundle Best combination

Ajjubhai bundle (Full Leather) return on magic cube event. let me tell you this bundle is very old. it was the first diamond royal event at that time all Free Fire player’s west diamonds were on this Full Leather bundle. if you went all information this website is very helpful.

Here is given the video of the dress combination for the full Leather bundle with the free event bundle. must watch the given video

[ytplayer id=’113′]